Parent Forum Minutes – July 2017

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  • Chair: Helena Gula
  • Present: Ria Conroy, Gail Cox, Katie Muller, Natasha Etherington, Peter Foreman, Mrs Doughty

School Dinners:

Feedback from parents expressed concerns about various aspects of the current school lunches. These were discussed in detail.

Mrs Doughty responded that the school were aware of the decline in popularity of the food since the change of catering company. She had worked with Wendy (in the kitchen) to simplify some of the menu to make it more to the taste of children while still following the nutritional guidelines for schools. The school is looking into changing the catering company in the new term for a change later in the new year.


Feedback from parents:

  • A request that homework during holiday periods be dropped with a suggestion that maybe it could be optional work for those pupils and parents/carers that would still like it
  • A concern that Year 6 homework seemed to be dropped now the SATS are finished and that they would rather it was continued
  • Could homework be differentiated for pupils that require it

Mrs Doughty responded that previously there had been ‘Why Don’t You’; a fun activity based format that children could engage in with their parents. She will look into having this re-established as it was a popular approach to holiday work for those that wanted it.

Mrs Doughty explained that in Year 6 the homework throughout the year reflected the expectation of the pupils in Secondary School. Since the SATS finished the homework has been relaxed to take the pressure of the children though their continued learning is still happening but through other mediums such as attending next week’s residential trip and the end of year play that they will be rehearsing and learning lines for.

Mrs Doughty informed all that generally homework is not differentiated throughout a class but she will look into work being differentiated by staff who work 1:1 with pupils to help make it more accessible.

Any Other Business:

A request was made that a reminder about the “Walking Bus” from Culverstone Community Centre to the School be put into the Informer each time.

Mrs Doughty asked for ideas re the School Fund and suggestions put forward were:

  • it was added to the on-line payment system to make it easier for parents to access paying it
  • it is payable in smaller amounts over three whole terms
  • payments requests are made from October onwards rather that September as it is the beginning of the academic year and with uniforms/shoes/clubs etc. it is an added expense.
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