A Poem for Susie

susie in our hearts


Our dog, Susie, died last week,
The world seems dull and bare.
And when I turn to look for her,
She simply isn’t there.

Her bed lies cold and empty,
Her bowl is undisturbed,
Toys lie still and lifeless,
Her gentle breaths no longer heard.

Short walks on a weekday,
Long walks at the weekend
Seem quite distant memories,
So sadness now descends.

She no longer comes to find me
To see where I have gone;
I miss my gorgeous shadow,
Her frame so sleek and long.

But although our hearts are heavy
And we miss our lovely hound,
What we all must focus on
Is the happiness she found.

Her years with us were joyous,
She brought a lightness to this school.
And although she mostly slept – and slept,
Having a school dog is pretty cool.

To see her run was special;
She could still give cats a fright.
And watching her eat up the yards
Was a beautiful, glorious sight.

So farewell, Susie, our greyhound,
You gave us five great years.
And despite the grief we feel today,
We know that through our tears,

The most powerful emotions
Are ones of love and calm.
Thank you, Susie, for being you
With your relaxing, sleepy charm.

We will miss your constant presence,
Your claws upon the tiles
But, most importantly, our memories of you
Will forever bring us smiles.

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